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If you fancy a helicopter flight, we look forward to welcoming you to CoelnCopter. We start our helicopter sightseeing flights with breathtaking panoramic views from Cologne, Meinerzhagen & Mönchengladbach. Let yourself be inspired by this unique technology. Hover on the spot. A helicopter flight is pure adventure.

As a gift for the 18th or a round birthday, marriage proposal, engagement flight, Valentine’s Day, passed exam, wedding day or just as a surprise in between.
All tickets are an ideal gift, they are transferable and you set the date.

Helicopters fly themselves?
Experience the unique feeling of flying a helicopter yourself.
You will start the helicopter under the supervision of a flight instructor and take off with a unique experience in the air! In flight you will experience live how the control works and how the connections of the control organs work.

We would like to plan an individual event with you.
You can decide whether to fly 20 minutes or 30 minutes with other helicopter enthusiasts or treat yourself to a VIP flight for family and friends and choose the route yourself.
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